Greener Ulverston

Greener Ulverston

Small Changes, Every Day, By Everyone

Greener Ulverston is a community group with two main aims.

  1. Small Changes, Every Day, By Everyone
    Provide simple tips and ideas to make day-to-day life more eco-friendly without adding lots of extra cost.
  2. Make Ulverston greener!
    Work with other individuals and groups to achieve the best for Ulverston.

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Ulverston is a Fairtrade Town. Look for window stickers in Ulverston shops and the Ulverston Fairtrade product directory will launch soon!

If you sell Fairtrade items in Ulverston then contact us now.

Fairtrade in Ulverston

Greener Ulverston supports the Ulverston Repair Cafe.
The repair cafe is on hold during the coronavirus pandemic.


Western society revolves round consumption.
We increasingly buy more things and throw away more than ever. Many things get thrown away within the space of one year.
Very few people even think about the possibility of repairing the old product. Most people no longer know how to repair things. This type of knowledge is noticeably on the decline.
People still in possession of this practical know-how are often not adequately appreciated by society. Their know-how is never used, or hardly ever. Yet it is these people who could greatly contribute towards making our society more sustainable.
The volume of raw materials and energy needed to make new products is reduced. Furthermore, repairing instead of throwing away helps to cut CO2 emissions by avoiding manufacture or recycle.

Repair Café teaches people to see their possessions in a new light. And, once again, to appreciate their value. Repair Café helps change people’s mindset. This is essential to kindle their enthusiasm for a sustainable society.
But above all, Repair Café just wants to show how much fun repairing things can be, and how easy it often is. Why don’t you give it a go?



Greener Ulverston manages a number of recycling schemes. Details are given below along with other recycling options in the town that you might not know about. Please only take recycling to each premises during opening hours.
SLDC offers kerbside recycling collections, and collection points at Ulverston Leisure Centre car parks.
The Cumbria County Council Household Waste Recycling Centre on Morecambe Road is open seven days a week.

Baby Pouches
Baby Food Pouches

Booths supermarket and Baby Sensory in Lightburn House on Brogden Street.


Ford Park Cafe and several local schools.

Crisp, Biscuit and Chocolate
Crisp, Biscuit and Chocolate Wrappers

Cut the Wrap on Upper Brook Street.

Contact Lens
Contact Lenses

Eye Care Excellence on Market Street.


Accepted at Boots and Murray chemists.
Visit for more information.

Inner Tubes

Ride Bikes, Buxton Place Car Park, will send inner tubes to Cycle of Good and also sell their products.

Coffee Cups
Coffee Cups

Costa will happily recycle any brand of disposable cup .


Greener Ulverston has a library of books available to borrow.

  • How Bad are Bananas: The Carbon Footprint of Everything
    Mike Berners-Lee
  • The Burning Question
    Mike Berners-Lee and Duncan Clark
  • There is no Planet B: A Handbook for the Make or Break Years
    Mike Berners-Lee
  • The Rough Guide to Climate Change
  • This Is Not A Drill: An Extinction Rebellion Handbook
  • What a Waste: Rubbish, Recycling, and Protecting our Planet
    Jess French
  • How to go Vegan
  • No One is Too Small to Make a Difference
    Greta Thunberg
Books by Berners-Lee

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